Acrylic Pour Painting!

So I am going to write up a tutorial thingy for doing your own acrylic pour painting! The idea here is to do this with your kiddos and just have fun and come back to the chatter and share what you’ve created, whether or not you’re interested in the custom baby wrap spot or not. But for those of you interested in the custom spot then this is a chance to be the inspiration behind your own customized piece, which could be really special, I think.

Now, you can find some really awesome videos on YouTube on how to do this type of painting, and they are super fun to watch. However, the thing I found trouble with while I was trying to figure out how to accomplish this was figuring out all the supplies I needed. Everyone used different things and often in the videos supplies are quickly glossed over and they get right to pouring. So I’m hoping this just breaks it all down for you and makes this as easy as possible, that way you guys can get right to painting!!

First lets talk supplies! I was able to find everything I needed by visiting Walmart and Home Depot. Of course you can supplement in some things but here’s exactly what I’ve been using:


Home Depot

-Plastic drop cloth (could instead use trash bags or lots of newspaper, etc.)

-Flood Floetrol (~$6 for a big ole bottle)

-Silicone drops, optional (~$3)


-Rubber gloves, I always bring these out but hardly ever actually put them on lol, but for the kiddos maybe!

-Wooden craft sticks, for mixing

-Apple Barrel brand acrylic paints, these little bottles are only 50 cents each and come in sooo many colors

-Plastic cups

-Stretched canvas or canvas panel, however the Walmart panels have all warped while drying so maybe just stick to the 3D stretched canvases

-Not seen here, paper towels/wet wipes!

-Also not seen here, some kind of acrylic paint sealer to keep your paintings nice after they dry:)

Next, my process! I first line the table with my plastic drop cloth and jump right into mixing my colors, each individual color gets a cup. I used a lot of colors this time but you can use more or less, there’s no right or wrong way to do this! Just have to experiment and see what you end up liking more. I am not precise at all when I mix, but I have been mixing about 1 part acrylic paint to 1 part floetrol, so ~equal parts.


Blend those well! And then I kinda “scoop” up some paint onto the craft stick and watch how quickly the paint slides off. You want it nice and flowy, not thick! I add a little water to each color to thin it out some more.


Then you get a clean cup or two (I used two this time) and start pouring in your colors, a little at a time in layers to make the cups you actually pour onto your canvas.


Once your pour cups are ready you can either pour them right onto the canvas or you can try whats called a flip cup pour. I did one of each for this tutorial, starting with the flip cup. You flip your canvas over and have it against the top rim of your cup and while applying pressure flip the canvas and cup over together to get this:


Looks cool right?? Then lift it up!


After lifting I used my other pour cup to pour around the center pour blob.


You want to have enough paint on there for a good amount to fall of the sides while you tilt and slide it around, covering the whole canvas. So that’s what you do next, pick up the painting and tilt it to move the paint around and cover your canvas! It’s so cool to see how much it starts to change!


I ended up propping my canvas up on a small ziplock plastic container, off the table a bit, while the paint settled and excess continued to flow off the sides. Then, if you want the “cells,” here is where you’ll sprinkle on your silicone drops. I used a lot of this one, oops!


So cool!! And then there you have it! Just gotta put it up in a safe place to let this baby dry (give it a good 2-3 days) and then spray/paint on an acrylic sealer and you’re an artist:D

If you want to watch some videos to get that live action visual just search YouTube for “acrylic pour” and there are a ton, all amazing! Also, while I am no professional acrylic paint artist, I am happy to answer any questions or offer help where needed. Thanks for reading and I cannot wait to see what you all come up with.


Thanks for reading!!