A New Lens for Mother’s Day

While I have the time I wanted to go ahead and share with you that I got a new lens yesterday for an early Mother’s Day gift! It’s only my first Mother’s Day and man, this year’s gift is going to be a hard one to beat (lenses cost a LOT of money). But, I am super excited, I’ve been talking about how much I’ve wanted this lens since I got my new camera for my birthday. I own a NikonD3100, no not the GREATEST DSLR around but it does its job and I love it, plus it’s red and cute. So, Brock got me the lens I’ve been asking for and it is the Nikon 50mm f1.8 and it is AWESOME! The kit lens is like 18-55mm f3.5 and this new one is so much cooler, at least for portraits which I enjoy most of all. How can I not, having the cutest little boy ever?

I was very excited once I had the lens home, so of course I had practice right away. Brock still had a few hours before he was off work so of course I grabbed Owen, stuck him in his Bumbo, and headed to the backyard. It was late afternoon so it was nice and shaded out there, but still nice and bright! Now, Owen is a 6 month old little boy and he LOVES to be outside, the only problem is he is constantly turning his head back and forth trying to soak everything in… Which makes it hard to get a really nicely focused shot. Still got one though;) And I stuck in the histogram stats in there for those who might be curious about the settings.

ISO400 50mm f2.0 1/1250s

The wider aperture capabilities of this new lens is so cool… I think I will be neglecting that kit lens for awhile. Anyways, after Brock got off work I thought a trip to the park would be not only a great opportunity for some more practice but it was a pretty nice day and we could all use some fresh air. The park and community center up the way from us is really nice and has a lot of open grassy area, so once we got there we picked a nice grassy spot under the shade of a big tree and I started snapping away. There was no need to make these overly posed so Brock and Owen just did their thing and played, while I got to know my new lens:) Oh my  gosh, these two are way too adorable… Here’s a few of my favorites (click for the full image):
Brock and Owen


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